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DC Scientific named exclusive distributor for AD Systems new innovative Jet Fuel Testing Equipment

DC Scientific, an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of precision glassware products and testing equipment for the petroleum laboratory, announced that they are the exclusive distributor in North America for AD Systems new line of products that include the NEW! DR10 Heater Tube Deposit Rater and the SP10 Automated Smoke Point Analyzer for the analysis of Jet Fuel.

The Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test, ASTM D3241, is universally used by the industry to measure high temperature stability of aviation turbine fuels. The DR10 Heater Tube Deposit Rater new instrumental method of quantitative measurement of tube deposits developed by AD System, accurately determines the thickness of the deposit automatically, drastically reducing test subjectivity.

The Smoke Point Method, ASTM D1322, IP57, ISO3014, is one of the oldest test methods in the petroleum industry. This test method provides an indication of the relative smoke producing properties of kerosenes and aviation turbine fuels in a diffusion flame. The visual measurement of an open flame is a very challenging exercise and poses risk for lab personal. The SP10 revolutionizes this test. The analyzer automatically adjusts the size of the flame using a video camera. When the flame attains the shape described in the test method, the SP10 memorizes and reports the height of the flame.

AD Systems has also developed the NEW! DT100 is the only instrument that automatically and simultaneously measures contamination index (content of sooty insoluble material in lubricants) and provides unique information on oil dispersancy. The DT100 is an integral part of Oil Condition Monitoring Programs for in-service lubricants.

To receive more information on AD Systems equipment and DC Scientific’s full line of petroleum testing instruments and ASTM glassware, please contact us at sales@dcscientific.com or 800-379-8493.

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