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L-K Centrifuges, Baths, and Heaters

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The Benchmark Series is the first oilfield centrifuge with Class I, Division 2 certification. The fully insulated centrifuge is perfect for laboratory settings or refineries using long cone (C) or short cone (D) tube configurations. With an all new motor capable of 2300 RPM’s and real temperature readings, this unit has unmatched precision.
• High speed capability (2300 RPM) – More experimentation and testing ability= Better data
• Digital temperature control. (Ambient to 200 ?F) – Better process control for testing heavy crude oil
• Integrated timer – Reduces variation in testing
• Internal motor control – Linear acceleration results in more consistent testing
• Specifically designed collars and cushions – Less tube breakage at higher G-forces

Melton Setting Centrifuge
Benchmark C Oilfield Centrifuge. This one of a kind unit offers heated cups for oil samples. This unit can be used with A, B, C, D or E tube models and is designed with a built in mechanical tachometer for easy RPM readings.

Criterion Water Bath
This unit is designed to meet the needs of lab operators focused on the precise heating of solvents and samples. The unit will hold 2 one gallon bottles of solvent and fourteen long cone C or 12 short cone D centrifuge tubes. The unit is set to heat to 140°F (60°C) and maintain that temperature with unrivaled precision.

Trademark Heater
This unit is a Class 1, Division 2 certified dry bath built for labora- tory use. An LCD screen monitors the temperature accurately and is adjustable 72°F to 250°F. The tube configurations A, B, C, or D are available for this unit.

Centrifuge Tubes
Finger Tubes (A)
Pear Shaped Tube (B)
Long Cone Tube (C)
Short Cone Tube (D)
Capillary Tube (E)

Trademark Heater
This non-certified-explosion resistant sample heater was built for laboratory settings. The unit can be configured to a 4-place or 8-place, depending on the tube model. Tube models A, B, C, and D are available.

Also, full line of Thermometers & Hydrometers.

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