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Tamson TV4000 for ASTM D2171 Viscosity of Bitumen

TV4000 for ASTM D2171

Main Characteristics
This test method covers procedures for the determination of viscosity of asphalt (bitumen) by vacuum capillary viscometers at 60°C. It is applicable to materials having viscosities in the range from 0.0036 to over 20,000 Pa.

Tamson thermostatic visibility bath, 230V-50~60Hz, conform ASTM D445, with a temperature range from ambient to +230 °C. Temperature stability is ±0.01 K. The bath volume is 40 litres and has a opening of 260 x 240 mm.

Vacuum System
The Tamson Vacuum System (TVS) is designed to offer a precise preselected negative pressure, i.e. -300mmHg for ASTM-D2171. The systems range offers 20 .. 320mmHg [25 .. 400mBar].

The bath conforms to CE regulation.

Part No. Description Accuracy Temperature Range Bath Volume Weight
00T0772 ASTM D2171 Viscosity of Bitumen 0.01 °K 20 to 230°C 40 litre 60.0 kg

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