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Tamson TC Series High-Temperature Baths

Circulators offer many application possibilities, e.g. routine laboratory applications, temperature control of samples, incubations, dental applications, material testing, corrosion tests, tempering of cultures as well as temperature testing of food and luxury articles.

The TC Series baths can be used as circulator or as a water/oil bath. The TC6B can be used in ASTM D 1160 applications.The TC16 can be used for ASTM D70 purposes together with pycnometers.

The set point of the TC Series can be set in steps of 0.1° (see temperature ranges and accuracy in the chart below.) The accuracy on the display is displayed in 0.1°C. However the controller has an internal accuracy of 0.01°C. Two decimal readout also is available via the RS232 and the free Tamcom software. Due to the “self heating” of the stirring mechanism and when using a top lid, the minimum temperature lies approximately 5K above the ambient temperature. When using the standard built-in cooling coil the minimum operating temperature lies approximately ± 5K above the temperature of the cooling liquid. In general the minimum temperature lies around 10°C. Lower temperatures generate problems with build up of condensate in the inner insulation of the bath.

Part No. Description Accuracy Temperature Range Bath Volume Weight
00T0155 TC10B 115V-60Hz 0.02 °K 20 to 200°C 10 litre 31.0
00T0861 TC16 115V-60Hz 0.02 °K 20 to 250°C 16 litre 31.0
00T0165 TC20B 115V-60Hz 0.02 °K 20 to 200°C 20 litre 31.0
00T0851 TC40 115V-60Hz 0.02 °K 20 to 250°C 40 litre 40.0
00T0881 TC58 115V-60Hz 0.02 °K 20 to 250°C 58 litre 40.0

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