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ASTM 67C-99F Uncalibrated

ASTM Uncalibrated Thermometers
ASTM IP Cat No Application Range Div Length Immersion
67C 10067C Reference Standard 95 to 155C 0.2 379mm total
67F 10067F Reference Standard 203 to 311F 0.5 379mm total
68C 10068C Reference Standard 145 to 205C 0.2 379mm total
68F 10068F Reference Standard 293 to 401F 0.5 379mm total
69C 10069C Reference Standard 195 to 305C 0.5 379mm total
69F 10069F Reference Standard 383 to 581F 1 379mm total
70C 10070C Reference Standard 295 to 405C 0.5 379mm total
70F 10070F Reference Standard 563 to 761F 1 379mm total
71C 72C 10071C Oil in Wax -37 to 21C 0.5 355mm 76mm
71F 72F 10071F Oil in Wax -35 to 70F 1 355mm 76mm
72C 67C 10072C Kin Vis @ -17.8C -19.4 to -16.6C 0.05 305mm total
72F 67F 10072F Kin Vis @ 0F -2.5 to +2.5F 0.1 305mm total
73C 68C 10073C Kin Vis @ -40C -41.4 to -38.6C 0.05 305mm total
73F 68F 10073F Kin Vis @ -40F -42.5 to -37.5F 0.1 305mm total
74C 69C 10074C Kin Vis @ -53.9C -55.4 to -52.6C 0.05 305mm total
74F 69F 10074F Kin Vis @ -65F -67.5 to -62.5F 0.1 305mm total
75F 10075F Coolant Freezing Pt -35 to 35F 0.5 408mm 100mm
76F 10076F Coolant Freezing Pt -65 to +5F 0.5 408mm 100mm
77F 10077F Viscosity Saybolt 245 to 265F 0.5 275mm total
78F 10078F Viscosity Saybolt 295 to 315F 0.5 275mm total
79F 10079F Viscosity Saybolt 345 to 365F 0.5 275mm total
80F 10080F Viscosity Saybolt 395 to 415F 0.5 275mm total
81F 10081F Viscosity Saybolt 445 to 465F 0.5 275mm total
82C 10082C Fuel Rating, Engine -15 to 105C 1 165mm 30mm
82F 10082F Fuel Rating, Engine 0 to 220F 2 165mm 30mm
83C 10083C Fuel Rating, Air 15 to 70C 1 174mm 40mm
83F 10083F Fuel Rating, Air 60 to 160F 1 174mm 40mm
84C 10084C Fuel Rating, Orifice 25 to 80C 1 387mm 249mm
84F 10084F Fuel Rating, Orifice 75 to 175F 1 387mm 249mm
85C 10085C Fuel Rating, Surge 40 to 150C 1 314mm 181mm
85F 10085F Fuel Rating, Surge 100 to 300F 2 314mm 181mm
86C 10086C Fuel Rating, Mix 95 to 175C 1 170mm 35mm
86F 10086F Fuel Rating, Mix 200 to 350F 2 170mm 35mm
87C 10087C Fuel Rating, Coolant 150 to 205C 1 175mm 40mm
87F 10087F Fuel Rating, Coolant 300 to 400F 1 175mm 40mm
88C 10088C Vegetable Oil Flash 10 to 200C 1 0287-001mm 57mm
88F 10088F Vegetable Oil Flash 50 to 392F 2 0287-001mm 57mm
89C 10089C Solidification Point -20 to +10C 0.1 370mm 76mm
90C 10090C Solidification Point 0 to 30C 0.1 370mm 76mm
91C 10091C Solidification Point 20 to 50C 0.1 370mm 76mm
92C 10092C Solidification Point 40 to 70C 0.1 370mm 76mm
93C 10093C Solidification Point 60 to 90C 0.1 370mm 76mm
94C 10094C Solidification Point 80 to 110C 0.1 370mm 76mm
95C 10095C Solidification Point 100 to 130C 0.1 370mm 76mm
96C 10096C Solidification Point 120 to 150C 0.1 370mm 76mm
97C 10097C Tank, Refill -18 to 49C 0.5 300mm total
97F 10097F Tank, Refill 0 to 120F 1 300mm total
98C 10098C Tank, Refill 16 to 82C 0.5 300mm total
98F 10098F Tank, Refill 60 to 180F 1 300mm total
99C 10099C Weathering Test -50 to +5C 0.2 305mm 35mm
99F 10099F Weathering Test -58 to 41F 0.5 305mm 35mm

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